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Posted by Nanaimo District Lacrosse Association on Jan 11 2019 at 01:18PM PST

Good afternoon Tyke aged athletes,

Nanaimo Minor Lacrosse has a very important announcement regarding tyke lacrosse on Vancouver Island. Effective immediately, Tyke lacrosse will now be played cross-floor, 3 vs 3. This decision was made at the Vancouver Island Lacrosse Commission meeting. We realize that this is a change in a mind set or how this age group has “traditionally” played lacrosse. We hope you understand that this decision is to grow the game and fits into the long-term athlete development model.

We have provided the statistics that will help you better understand the rationale of making this change. Please keep an open mind. Hockey Canada has moved to this model for this age group and they have found many positive benefits.

• 6 times – more shots on goal/player
• 5 times more passes received/player
• 2 times more ball battles/player
• 2 times more ball touches/player
• 2 times more pass attempts/player
• 2 times more change of direction
• 1.75 times shots/minute vs 0.45 playing full floor

Playing on a smaller rink results in increased ball touches/possession time for each player:

• Individual technical skills develop more quickly.
• Line changes are made quickly since the players are directly beside the playing surface.
• Each player’s activity increases greatly.
• Scoring skills are enhanced since the players have more shooting opportunities.
• The goalkeeper’s reading of the game and reaction to changing game situations become more effective.
• More repetition for goalkeepers.
• The game is full of continuously changing situations.
• The speed in playing situations increase, which will require quicker mental and physical reactions by the players.
• Due to increased tempo, all of the team members take part in solving the playing situations, which leads to a sharing of responsibilities between players.
• The feeling of being an important part of the action increases because of the small size of the playing surface.
• Lacrosse sense, or understanding the principles of the game, is being developed at a young age.

We know that there will be questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Andy or myself about these changes.
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