Posted by Nanaimo District Lacrosse Association on Mar 14 2018 at 07:58PM PDT

This season NDLA has spent a large amount of money purchasing new jerseys for (nearly) every division. Our equipment manager worked very hard on the design and was able to replace the majority of jerseys for us – thank you!

We understand that some teams are talking about ordering their own jerseys and we, as an association, are asking that this not happen. We have specific colors and logos that are required to be on the jerseys and the association has spent a lot of time and effort to insure that “Nanimo Timbermen” is uniform!

If your team is going to pursue buying jerseys after this, the following MUST be met:
- jerseys must be discussed with our equipment manager and planned put with him.
- jersey styles must be selected from one of the three styles/designs that the association endorsed for NDLA
- jersey proposals must then be brought to the board for a vote on whether approved or not
- jerseys must be ordered through one of the companies that the association supports.
- no advertisements/sponsor bars can be on the jerseys
- jerseys MUST have stop signs

The first board meeting after the season starts is May 2nd – this would be the earliest the board could vote on individual jerseys.

We appreciate teams wearing and representing Nanaimo Timbermen this season and are confident that the new jerseys will look fantastic.

NDLA Executive


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