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With April almost complete, I see that all teams are enjoying success on the floor, so congratulations and thank you to all coaches, managers, door personnel, and parents for all their patience and their dedication to the 400+ athletes within the NDLA!! The biggest cheer goes to our players who are working hard and learning new skills to become better lacrosse players and more importantly, better people.

As we move into May there are a few issues still with Code of Conduct on the Island, and unfortunately some of it is being created by people within our Association. I have spoken with a few teams directly, as well as some coaches and door personnel regarding what is acceptable behaviour to model for the young athletes in our game. I must now remind all of the parents that they have also signed a Code of Conduct and therefore will be held to the highest standards of acceptable behaviour during their team’s games. Too often I hear that fans are being verbally abusive towards the referees on the floor, often just young people themselves. It is YOUR responsibility to control your temper and outbursts within the stands and be positive role models for all athletes in lacrosse, regardless of which jersey they wear, including the referees. I ask you now to refrain from yelling negative and/or disparaging remarks inside any arena, and that should anyone continue to do so we will ask them to leave the arena for the sake of A fair play.

Referees are not the issue. How we react to their calls is what is concerning me. Coaches, Managers and Referees have a forum called JOCAP (Joint Officials and Coaching Abuse Policy) that can address the issues that occur during games. As President, I am working with the Vancouver Island Minor Lacrosse Commission, Head Referees and Head Coaches of all Associations to ensure that we have the highest level of officiating that we can, and while I can assure you that there are policies in place to get there, as with our athletes this only comes from experience and guidance. I know Jacoby Krassman and Sean Lehman are working diligently to get all the officials evaluated and focused on maintaining control of games, and I thank them for that. If players, coaches, managers and fans follow their Code of Conduct I know we will all benefit.

Nobody is perfect – after 38 years of playing lacrosse I still drop the ball, make terrible passes, and maybe shoot a bit too often…maybe. We have to allow ALL participants in the sport of youth lacrosse to make mistakes, learn from them, and become better at what they do. As fans, please let them.

Timbermen Proud!


All coaches, managers, bench staff and executive members MUST complete a criminal record check. Please follow the link below and get this done immediately.

While we are aware that some of you have volunteered in the past we, unfortunately, do not have previous CRC’s and need to start fresh.

Once you have completed the check please send a brief email to our secretary at and let her know you have completed the online portion. Please include the team(s) you are involved with so when the checks come in we can match them up and mark you “complete”.
Also, if you have a current first aid, please include that in your email to the secretary and we will note it on your team profile.

Please use this link:
Access Code:

If you are one of the lucky guys who have to get finger printed, please include that in your email to the secretary and keep her posted on the process!

Thank you

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Policy reminders!

Posted by Nanaimo District Lacrosse Association at Feb 27, 2018 5:32PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Lacrosse Parents, Managers and Coaches…

Policy reminders:
1. Teams CANNOT order custom jerseys – our logo/jerseys are “standard issue”.
2. In order to apply for a coaching position you MUST be sixteen years or older (not 16 in the calendar year).
3. In order to attend the reffing course and shot clock/ref for the season you MUST be 13 years of age (not 13 in the calendar year).
4. Multiple divisions are moving to a waitlist – do NOT wait to register your players as they may be disappointed if they do not get a spot in their division!
5. Keep watching the website and/or Facebook page for updates on evaluations and weather!

All families who are using the e-transfer option to pay for lacrosse – please use the password that is provided to you on the registration program. If you are using an alternate password, you MUST send it to our treasurer via email at

We cannot process your registration without the correct password and we are not great guessers!


Good morning lacrosse families!

For anyone who is looking for financial assistance with the cost of registration, please feel free to check out the links to both Kidsport and Jumpstart. NDLA works with both of these organizations.

Kidsport –
Jumpstart –

Please feel free to register your player and, upon completing the registration, please email our treasurer Trina ( and let her know that you have applied, the date of the application and the name and age of your player.

Remember that there are specific criteria you must meet and until you have been approved for funding your player is not deemed registered so do not wait! Deadline for applying for these programs is January 20th as it can take a few weeks to hear back and your player must be FULLY REGISTERED and payment received before they can be evaluated (insurance purposes).